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A dear friend of mine recently gave me the book titled “Captivating- unveiling the mystery of a woman’s soul” by John and Stasi Eldredge.

I am only about 10 pages into this book and already my heart has been broken open to crying. The writers explain those little nuances that we as women know are there, but are difficult to name. Unlike most books about becoming a woman of God, this book understands the difference between the gentle-hearted woman, and a woman who craves danger and is a bit masculine- which is something I appreciate greatly as I have never been one to just allow myself to cry in movies. I do my best to hold it in and I despise crying. My heart is similar to that of Joshua’s, running in to danger wiping out all who would oppose my God, fighting in faith, obedience, and courage. So to a girl like me, this book is definitely a relief, as it does not demand that you deny your fierce side in order to become a Godly woman, but rather to harness it, and still feel like the captivating creature all women want to be.

This book starts out with explaining that the deepest need in a woman to feel desired, pursued, beautiful and captivating in the eyes of men, is not a bad thing; it is something that by creation we are to desire. How we choose to act upon those desires can most certainly be a choice between right and wrong- but the deep need is God given, and should not be ignored or lost out of a desperate attempt to survive in one way or another.

I am going to take myself through this book and will share it all here on my blog. There are twelve lengthy chapters, so I will not be blogging by chapter, but whenever I feel it necessary to stop and wrap up my thoughts on it.

I know that reading this will be of more help to me than I realize. This book could not have been given to me at a better time, and I look forward to all that I know it will teach me.