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Christmas Eve is here, and there’s not a bit of snow on the ground! Well, I take that back. I see some still stuck and hiding in the cracks of driveways. But hey, this is Indianapolis, IN. What do I expect? 🙂

Right now we are just waking up after a very late night, and we’re getting ready to start baking cookies for decorating later. The girls we are babysitting are all whispering (and mostly shouting) to each other about the presents they’re going to get (we got them each a gift this year, and put it under the tree). My siblings are just kind of goofing around until they can actually start doing something fun, but their anxiously awaiting tomorrow, as they too are whispering.

The other day Noah and Sam stood on the stars and peered into the living room. I was sitting at my desk and could hear everything. “That one…the long one, by that pillow” (Samara, a girl we babysit had tossed her pillow under the tree for some reason) Sam replied “So?” Noah got frustrated “I”m saying S-W-O-R-D” (I’m surprised he knew how to spell that word for some reason). Sam was confused “Yeah but, that would be a small sword” -This he whispered, knowing his older sisters were within hearing range. Obviously they were attempting to figure out their gifts. Noah said finally “YES, but it’s a sword”. lol

I never really snooped when I was younger. There were countless times where I was walking along, doing my own thing around the house, and what do you know it? I saw everything…

One year, my dad had stocked the office in our house with all the presents. Some wrapped, some not. Well, because it was the office, that is where most of the craft supplies were. Mom was making gifts for our relatives, and then needed the glue. Well, she asked me to go into the office and get her the glue. Enough said.

Another time I was cleaning up around her desk, and was tossing papers into the trash. I had to read every paper or at least look at it in case it was important…Well, I found santa’s list. Oh well…

This year, I have not found out anything!

It is strange seeing how the excitement of Christmas changes as I get older. When I was little I would be in my room, and OF COURSE I’d have to pee- It’s basically a Christmas tradition. So I would stand at the door, just listening. I knew that I could not go out while my parents were awake wrapping presents and what not, so if I heard nothing it was a RELIEF! However, I knew that seeing the living room in all its Christmas glory was not permitted until morning. So, I would hold my left hand up to my eyes and dart to the bathroom faster than a Christmas elf! Upon leaving the bathroom I would use my right hand, and dart back to my room catching a glimpse of the top of the tree and lights zooming as I passed by them.

I remember every year we would watch “Jesus of Nazareth”, or we would read the story from the bible. I think that this year is possibly the first time I am REALLY seeing how amazing the real Christmas story is. I can see now how young Mary was, when she was supposed to marry this guy, and then all of a sudden she’s pregnant. I mean, if I got pregnant now, WOAH boy…trouble. But imagine back then! She would be STONED to DEATH. She had to have such faith, and not be torn down by all the things I’m sure people told her. I can imagine her parents not even believing her. Everything that happened surrounding the coming of Jesus as a baby was nothing less than a series of miracles. Joseph had to be faithful, Marry had to be faithful. The three wise men had to be faithful, traveling great distances to see Jesus. I mean, most people wouldn’t even attempt such a journey based on pure theory. The coming of baby Jesus is one of the most beautiful stories in the bible, I think. To think that He could have come as a strong man with light around his head and wings or something- but instead He came as a baby. Such a humble thing to do as King of all creation.

This Christmas we are going to be going to my grandparents house for a while and then we’ll come home and likely crash. This year, having mono still, will be a little odd. It’s already hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you’re sleeping all the time and your days run together and you can’t remember when you last left the house because you’re not allowed to go anywhere really. lol But I think this Christmas will still be amazing. It could be my last Christmas living here, which is definitely WAY too depressing for me to even think about. So I’m ignoring it. However because I know that it’s still a possibility, I intend to enjoy this Christmas as much as possible, despite having mono.

As I write this, I can hear Lucy telling Shroder (sp?) about the lack of mistletoe above his piano, and Rerun is wishing for a dog. My sister is already baking, and mom and dad are nowhere to be found. On facebook there is barely anyone online, and WP seems to be slightly vacated. Tis the season to abandon ones computer!As for me however, I’ll be blogging my way through Christmas. I’ll post more than likely once more today, and twice tomorrow.

I’m praying for some snow!!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!