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Last night I had to devote my time and attention to  a sewing project that is hopefully going to be making me a little money to save up for opening a bank account. Obviously being 18, that is one thing that I really need to get going. Although having mono I had been putting it off day after day.

I HAD to finish it last night, as the lady that requested it, needed it by Christmas eve (tomorrow) and my mom and dad were heading her way this morning to drop my sister off at a youth group event. And so, mono and all, I set out at midnight to create a blue purse with a horse on it (as she had requested).

Watching one movie after the next as I figured out the geometry of the pattern pieces and had to re-cut a few things, I worked my way through. I promised myself I would not look at the clock, knowing full well I was going to be staying up late- little did I know just how late that would be.

As I worked I found myself slipping away- being replaced by an droned robotic creature, working through the night attempting to finish in time to go to sleep at a slightly decent hour.

Turns out I ended up working until 5:20 am.

You would think even the Holy Spirit living within me would be asleep by that point! -Far from it.  As I worked well into the next morning (even through the constant shouts and gunfire on my favorite movies I kept playing through the night) I could hear God’s whisper. Recently I have been asking for clarity on a lot of things…and seeing as I really had nothing else to do to keep myself awake, I thought about a lot of things while I worked.

I learned a couple interesting things last night: When puckering, always make the stitches large enough to actually pull the bobbin thread through them without it snapping. And God is still awake (lol) and alive in us, even when we are in  a completely incoherent state, making it easier to hear Him in the complete silence in my mind.

If you think about it, throughout the day we are thinking so much. As I type this, I am thinking about how I need to make sure I’m not typing so fast the computer can’t catch up. I’m thinking about how I need to cut the fleece for a blanket the girls we watch are making for their dad. I’m thinking about how I need to still eat something today, and how laundry needs doing before tomorrow- as we’re going to our grandparents on Friday, etc. etc.

That’s just right now!!!

I wonder how easier things would be if we conciousely took the time to clear our minds during the day, to hear God’s voice. Perhaps if we wrote more things down, and kept things in calendars and to-do lists and promised ourselves not to crowd our lives with too many “good things” to do, then maybe hearing God would be more possible. Instead of waiting until the world is sleeping to hear Him because its the only time it’s convenient for us to be still and silent.

Did I have a good morning? Yes, I did. God helped me work some things out, and feel at ease about some things I was having to sort through. He also taught me to make space for Him in my day to day happenings- more than I have been. I had a good morning.