Our pine tree out front all decorated

Well, I failed. I did not post at all on Christmas. Things got a bit crazy and on top of everything I’m still battling mono.

I will however, give a rundown of the entire day.

Well I had finally woke up after my sister and other unknown family members (i was too tired to figure out who they were) yelled up “IT’S CHRISTMAS”. It took a lot to roll out of bed and climb down the stairs without falling over to a horrible demise. Upon making it downstairs the family began to open presents.

This year we were VERY blessed by a lady my mom knows. she bought us all a lot of Christmas presents. She does it every year she says. But it was definitely a HUGE blessing.

Well, continuing along, we opened all our presents and then we lazied around being exhausted from a late night.  Mom and dad went back to sleep for a while, and the kids scurried around playing with their toys, making sure to give each one equal attention.

Later we all left for my grandmothers house, and stayed for a while there as well. We had to leave early though because I wasn’t feeling well. My grandma made these really neat little bags  with a Celtic cross one one side, and my name on the other. You can see it here. I love this! Celtic crosses are so pretty =] She also made us little ornaments with a christmas scene on them. Mine was of Joseph and Marry in on their journey to Bethlehem. Beautiful!

Well after we got home, my dad played a little on the x-box 360, and the rest of us kind of sat around talking or doing something with our Christmas presents. And that was it! lol

A lot of us were sick, so it wasn’t very eventful this year, but oh well, it was still nice =]

As for what I got (since I’m sure if I had any readers, they would want to know, and I like to pretend I do have readers)-

I got yarn. 6 skeins of chunky and soft yarn! I got some jewelry, clothes, a planner and some very nice pens (which I really needed), and acrylic paint. I got a lovely pair of winter gloves, and makeup. =]

Lovely Christmas!

As for today (day after Christmas), I’m not sure what will happen. There are a few things I need to exchange as far as clothes go, but we might do that tomorrow after church. The house is in desperate need of some cleaning after yesterday, and my laundry needs doing, as does a few sewing projects that I need to finish.

Well, to anyone who might be reading, have a good day! It’s snowing here in Indiana! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!