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For Christmas about 4 years ago I got a really huge make-up kit called “The color Workshop”. It had mascara, brushes, TONS of eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, lip liner and lipstick.

This year, I got another make-up kit. Also, “The Color Workshop”.

I was THRILLED when I realized what brand it was! The Color Workshop is on the cheaper end of make-up, as it only comes in the kits and you cannot buy things individually (as far as I know).  The colors are lovely! When used with a base they come out bright and colorful, and when used without (just over foundation) they are light and shimmery, reflecting light PERFECTLY.

I’m not one for make-up like NIX that is really bright and solid matte colors, so for me this make-up is PERFECT. I would be interesting to see what all those make-up people on youtube think of it. In fact I might just do a video tutorial of my own once I have a camera, using TCW makeup.

I really don’t know anything about make-up. My sister does a lot of make-up and learns a lot from youtube and the internet. I just get random tips from her or I occasionally look something up if I need something specific. But otherwise I really don’t know beans about it. All I know is, that I love love love LOVE this make-up!

The only thing I can say that I don’t like is the mascara brushes. The lipstick can be a bit dry, but I don’t like cakey lipstick anyways. The nail polish is AMAZING, as its really thin, lasts FOREVER (all 4 years its still the same), and it dries REALLY fast.

Final word on the subject, if you’re looking for a new make-up brand to try, take a look at this one. =]