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Well…today I didn’t get to reading and posting.

I do however feel really down. I see so many of my friends who can act, dance, sing, play instruments, draw, paint, and be really amazing at what they do. I feel though very untalented, and un-special.

I seem to teeter between things. I can do practical things like knit, and make clothes and stuff…but lots of people can, it’s nothing special and it cannot change the world. I can kind of draw, sort of paint, i know two dances- i suck at both of them. I’m trying to learn violin and failing. I tried guitar- failed. I tried piano- failed. I can’t sing.  I can only barely act, and I can’t write all that well either…

Somehow I would just like to have some kind of talent that could shape the world. That God could use. That could really really do something. I know He has a plan for me…and I know I need to trust Him in that. But I just feel so small right now. David felt small when he stood against the giant with 3 small stones… maybe God will give me a giant to slay? I don’t know… I just feel I have nothing to give, right now…

I think I’ll pray on it tonight.