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Wow. Lots of things have happened today so far, and the day is not even over!

Today for starters, I received my ACT scores. I am VERY happy to say that though it’s not a good and amazing score, it is not a bad one. I got a composite score of 20 on the ACT no writing test. =] The requirement for most colleges is 18, and thus, I am happy. I also applied to LCU straight away! I’m excited to hear back from them =]

Another great thing is that I read a very nice comment on my last post. I really needed to read it, and it helped me in the next exciting thing that happened today.

I received a letter from CIY. I had signed up for information about their mission trips, but I had forgotten about it as CIY conferences are LOADED with information. Well, what I got today inspired me.

It was a little “boarding pass” as they call them, with information leading to their website about how to get apply for these missions trips. Sadly, I am not able to apply for these missions trips right now because of college coming up. But I am keeping the letter and I’m going to do it as soon as my educational schedule allows. It did though, inspire me to continue in the direction of working with various movements against human trafficking, and other local and non-local mission fields. I do not feel called to permanent full time ministry, but I do feel called to take frequent trips teaching the message of Christ through giving people something they never thought they would ever see again…hope. These girls in brothels are ready to die or live forever in that degrading and painful hell. The people here in the US dying inside from heartbreak or guilt that they cannot break free from, need to see love coming from somewhere. That is how God has told me to speak His truth. T love the very lowest of people. The people who have no hope, and are victims of themselves or of people they cannot stand against. MY hope is renewed in reading this letter and seeing the various places available to go to, here and international, that will give people a chance to see God’s love.

I am hopeful and faithful that these things will come to play in my life, and I will be given the chance to serve God in this way. Pray for these trips as they are going on at the start of January all the way through August.

Praise the Lord! He speaks in amazing ways!