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It seems as though mono reshuffles ones priorities to a point where all the sill things come first. I’ve been getting a lot of writing and knitting done. As well as a good amount of reading…but that is just about it.

I have been halted at each attempt to block out two human videos I still need to finish (and have finished by the first of the year). I also need to get some school work in, as I’ve been mostly relying on my writing for my school work until my brain is a little more capable of working on math. I have SO MUCH cleaning to do. 6 weeks of carelessly tossing ones belongings about really starts to take it tole on your eyes after a while. There is currently a mountain next to my dresser, and when I say mountain I’m talking Mount Everest in clothing form. X_X

I still need to get in some sewing projects, but that takes one heck of a brain and a lot of moving around. I need to read, and post on “Captivating”. I need to do my laundry, return some things to the store eventually,  set up a store here on my blog (if i can, as I haven’t found a job yet) , work on my book a little, and I was GOING to paint today with my new paints from Christmas…but I just don’t feel I have the energy to do any of those things. Mono really puts a halt on life. I’ve actually adjusted so much that it is impossible to start looking at things as they will be once I’m better. As if the normal day to day tasks I will eventually get back to, exhaust me at just the thought! I feel like I’ll never get better…. Last Sunday was week 6, and it’s really starting to get old. I should have instead of “Fearless Flying”, titled this blog “Out of the Depths of Mono”… I’ve already had it long enough to make an entire blog about it…