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Good morning, Abyss!

(I say “Abyss” because I really don’t have any faithful readers that I know of.)

I keep getting stats, and pages referring my blog because of my post on The Color Workshop makeup. Weird isn’t it? I find it so strange because if I typed up a post about MAC makeup, then I imagine I would get TONS of views, because of course, MAC is like…really expensive and cool, and what the professionals use (just for kicks I  might tag this post with “mac”…see what happens). But why would so many people be interested in TCW?

I have a few ideas.

  • Because of Christmas, girls all over the world got these semi-cheap make-up kits and are now wondering what to do with them.
  • People are simply tired of only having tutorials for really expensive make-up that they can’t afford.
  • The company is researching itself just to see how good or bad they are.

Hmmmm…..Either of the three is possible.

I might ask my make-up guru sister if she knows. In fact, I might just ask her to start up a blog, and see what she can’t tell people about how to use cheap make-up so all is poor people aren’t doing the equivalent of putting on make-up in the dark without a mirror. We’ll see.

So if anyone can please comment on why you are looking up The Color Workshop, that would be helpful. I just want to know! It’s the strangest thing to me, seeing as I was the only person I thought really enjoyed TCW. lol

I even researched youtube and I found like 2 reviews on it? hmmm…

So if you could (my dear Abyss), please just comment with why you searched it??? lol

Thank you!