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Well in my excitement of receiving my ACT scores, I immediately started applying to LCU, my top school choice. Kind of a bad idea.

You see, I know that there is this thing called “application fees”… what I didn’t know was how crazy it can be. Turns out that when I applied, the website said NOTHING about a fee. I figured maybe it was a “pre-application” (an application I suppose I made up), or perhaps it was simply free???? PAH!…Yeah right.

So I apply. Filled with excitement and adventurous daydreams, I clicked “SUBMIT”. I was then directed to a page that informed me that I owed the school $25, and that I needed to mail it into the school. The odd thing about it was, that they did not give me a deadline, and you would think with it being online, that they would use paypal or something. Right?

I was terribly confused. Before I go applying to other colleges, I will be researching completely. I kind of felt cheated by this. I’m lucky it was only $25, as my family definitely could not afford anything other than that.

So yes…I believe I was being ridiculously stupid. Like last night when I lit my hair causing three flames to burn 2 inches from my face, because I had a single curly and damaged hair that needed to be snipped- and I had no scissors. Yeah… I was smacking my own head and the flames for fear I would loose all my hair. Turns out it just burned a couple strands, causing a firework and flames, and a terrible terrible smell. That must have looked absolutely retarded…

Upon posting a facebook status about this, it was confirmed through comments that I am in fact, stupid. Oh well…I’m just posting this in case there are any other people out there as air-brained as me. I’m sure though that everyone else knows its common knowledge to pay a fee through the mail like that upon applying to college…

Lets hope I make it through the rest of the day without doing something else terribly stupid and dangerous.