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Well, this year has certainly been a very very unique one. I would like to sum up everything…the good and the bad, in one of those lists people usually make at the end of the year.

  • I started this blog.
  • I took my ACT test, and got a 20.
  • I got mono, and lived. 😉
  • Watched more sunsets, and listened to more rain.
  • I learned a lot about and from God.
  • I was tested in many ways this year in my endurance, strength, perseverance, hope, and wisdom.
  • I started writing two books, haven’t finished them yet.
  • I learned the value of life, as a young girl in my youth group died in a car accident. Miss you Maggie.
  • The difference between real friends and aquaintences was made clear to me, and I learned to never feel alone, because God Is always there.
  • I started working on interpreting my dreams, and have really had a lot of fun doing it. God really does speak through dreams.
  • I went to CIY MOVE, the March for Life, and the third annual BreakDown national Conference. All three were life changing, and I thank God for allowing me to go.
  • I was blessed abundantly this year, and I learned how to accept those blessings in the way Jesus would. Knowing there will come a time when I can bless others.
  • I learned to cable knit.
  • I saved up enough money to buy a webcam. A nice one. lol
  • I have started the college application process
  • I started wearing ribbons in my hair – love it!
  • Through everything I have found myself. Turns out there is a lot more “me” than I ever would have guessed.
  • I started co-directing a 94 page play.
  • Still don’t have my drivers license.
  • I got a pair of coach shoes…long story. I dislike coach, but God taught me a great deal with this pair of shoes.
  • I turned 18.
  • I figured out what I’m going to study for college when I go back, after nursing. Psychology.
  • I fell in love with chai tea, blueberries, rasberries, kiwi, the color mauve, the style “shabby chic”, the website “stylemepretty.com”, criminal psychology, demonology- from a christian perspective, apartmenttherapy.com, instructables.com, fat hair clip, hair dye that is the same color as your natural hair, country music, post-it notes, doing adventurous things, and going against the grain.
  • I learned how much I really do want to be a mom some day.
  • I learned to not judge so quickly.
  • I lost my favorite pair of earings.
  • Learned a lot of secrets I wish didn’t exist- but I knew me knowing them about the people I love would help teach me something.
  • My enemy became my friend.
  • I learned the power or prayer.
  • I realized how small I was. I realized how powerful in God I can be.
  • I set some goals that I know will stick.
  • Learned that I can see God through the sky.
  • Started making more things.
  • Dealt with a lot of issues I had been hiding. A lot of things that I was too afraid to deal with, but I’ve finally gotten out of the dark, and out of my heart.
  • Started to embrace the feminine side of myself.
  • I learned how to take refuge in God’s protection.
  • Started eating “grown-up” cereal.
  • Had to cut off a few friendships.
  • Made new friends.
  • I grew up by allowing myself to not try too hard to be older.

There’s a lot more I could list out, but that’s what I have to share.

It was a very very good year. Troubles and all. I can’t wait to see what God does in this next one. =]