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I’m not even in college yet, and I already have an issue with this.

With 6 siblings all in need of laundry doing (some being young enough to have accidents at night), it seems as though my laundry and that of my older sisters and parents, tends to take a backseat. But imagine this…. Endless washers and dries all going at once….TONS of students in need of a fast laundry job, aggresively maneuvering past baskets and people to get to an empty washer or drier.

I can easily see myself giving up and allowing it to pile in my dorm room, whilst I borrow clothes from my dorm roomie. Yeahhhh….not good. But it’s become habitual. Right now I’m looking at my bed. It’s COVERED in laundry. Most of which, is all nice dressy stuff that I don’t usually wear. Granted, I have had mono for forever, and doing anything is like a BIG DEAL, but still! This has always been an issue….

Perhaps a resolution for the new year? DO MORE LAUNDRY!