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Yep, at exactly 4:17 EST something amazing will happen.

I, along with hundreds of others will be e-mailing this science dude to see if we can get as CLOSE to 4:17, to win a Dell laptop computer. haha

I love weird contests like these. Dunno why, because I never win anything. It’s just fun! So I have a timer set and I will SOOO be e-mailing at exactly 4:17 EST. fact.

I feel like Christian Bale trying to catch that 3:10 train to Yuma.

And no, I’m not sharing the e-mail address with you….I don’t want to add to the competition O.O

lol  😉


On more serious matters, today is the day I shall begin cleaning till I just can’t (meaning until the job is done), and learning my brains out. Algebra awaits…

Also, I hit 109 views last night…I don’t get it.