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Well since the holiday weekend is over, I must now get back into the swing of things. Despite the mono I must let my body know that life still goes on!!! I shall be doing a bit of school work, dishes and laundry, and maybe some knitting in there somewhere. I am DREADING it. I’ve gotten used to this since the past 6-7 weeks of being inert. However there is a lot ahead of me, and life being served out as an inert brainless little lazy butt wouldn’t be too fun now would it? –yes that is exactly how I feel right now, despite the fact that I have a very legit excuse.

We shall see how well it goes. It’s back to violin learning, biology, chemistry, algebra, geometry, human anatomy, German, writing, and Lord knows what else. lol I also may be taking my ACT one more time just to raise my score a bit if I can… also my sister will be taking my test at the same time I will be, so that should be interesting =]

So here I go…our (me and my sister’s) 11pm dinner thing is ready (three cheese biscuits from a mix i found hidden amongst baking stuff– we were hungry =\ ) and I must get to bed before I absolutely die or cause coma conditions for myself in the morning. Good night everyone!

(btw, my dear friend Laura allowed me to hit 84 views today on my blog XD She contributed 60 I think..lol )