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I have never read the book by Gary Chapman, but I have heard it is amazing. My friend Laura asked me today what my love language was, and we got to talking about it. So I googled, and I found this quiz. I encourage you to take it!

It asked questions as if I was married, asking what I would prefer my “husband” to do there in finding my love language. So I just thought of what I would rather my husband do, and I picked those. The ones that I knew would make me feel more loved. I got the following score:

11-physical touch

10- quality time

6- words of affirmation

3- acts of service

0- gifts
This actually makes a lot of sense! When I think back on past relationships, those top two were the ones that I most wanted. Not exactly the easiest one to have though =\

It’s nice to know what makes me feel loved though. That way I can better understand other people and not feel un-loved if someone does not meet me on that level. Especially that one, because most people dont just hug you all the time. lol

It’s a neat little quiz =] Take it!