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I love sisters. The two sisters closest to me would be Megan and Jeannie.

Last night we decided since the children were all in bed, that we would watch the movie 300, since we had not seen it yet. Being serious for a moment, the movie was awesome. I looooove dude movies. I love getting into it when swords are flying and people are yelling- battles being won. It’s awesome. But you see, it wasn’t just me watching the movie. Megan and Jeannie watched it with me.

Alone, each of us could not survive in the comedic world of movie commentary. But together, we’re stronger than the Spartans.

We deemed our little midnight event “Watching hot guys in their panties”…I say hot guys because “David Wenham” was in it, along with a couple other nice looking fello…but I say “panties because they were in fact clad in nothing but underwear and shrouded in a red cape thingy  (Panties just sounded funnier than underwear). And whats cooler? The Phantom was in it. (You know, Gerard Butler from the Phantom of the Opera?) Who doesn’t like a romantic phantom dude kicking butt in a movie set in the forever ago?

We laughed at the bizarre scene where some chick is floating in water only not with all her goods hanging out >.< (we laughed out of not only awkwardness but the fact that it was basically pretty stupid). We deemed the shoes the Spartans wore during battle “flip-flops”. We giggled upon view the “rain” of arrows coming down on the Spartans along with one of the soldiers who found it funny. King Xerxes is “gorgeous” because of all that lovely makeup and jewelry- I’m really diggin’ the gold lipstick. Some dudes head got chopped off and Megan goes “HE’S STILL STANDING! TO THIS DAY!” to which we all about peed our pants (it was funny at the time…give us a break it was like 1 am). We cheered when they systematically slashed down their enemies, and were stoked when whatsherface the queen stabbed the dude because he was a sick perverted pig. Whoot whoot!We FREAKED OUT when that giant troll thingy tried to kill the king. Dude, I would have screamed and ran away.

And we FREAKED OUT about the hunch back of Notre Dame making an appearance- perverted little freaker (no I’m not posting a pic to illustrate. Ya’ll can imagine it on your own..sorry, I just don’t want that on my blog. =\ ).

Oh, and you know at the end when whatshisface David Wenham’s character leads the Spartans to kick booty? Well, we were thinking how odd it is that they like stretch to the very freaking back of this huge valley. They all become tiny pixels representing soldiers raising their spears after David Wenham is done talking and getting them pumped to whoop those…(what was the name of the enemy again???) people. Well see the thing is, we got this idea… What if WE were there?

We would be the pixels at the VERY back, only we would be waving our arms going “WHATWASTHAT?!?!?!?!” –seeing as David Wenham was so far away. We also concluded that we would be scooting along being in such a large army, and by the time we reached the enemies side, it would all be over and we would shrug then cheer loudly as if we did anything cool. Because that’s just us, and we’re weird that way. I would find a picture to illustrate…but no such picture exists on the net =\

But the Spartans died, and whatsherface the queen was left without a husband. =[ Sad.

It was a lovely movie though.

I seriously doubt anyone will find this post even remotely interesting. But that wasnt the point. The point was simply this:

Watching serious movies with sisters makes them hilarious!