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The Army

It’s weird that I’m thinking so seriously about this now. Honestly I had thought about it for a long time years ago, but it was only because at that point I felt I had no other choice, but I still wanted something exciting to do. Well after the reserves was suggested to me by a friend, I looked into it. I’m going to be talking to some people about it, and hopefully talking to a recruiter (keeping a very level head). Since this is such a HUGE commitment, (even the army says not to take it lightly) I will be blogging about what information I find, and what the pros and cons are to enlisting in the army reserves. I have a couple friends who are are doing it or planning to, so perhaps I’ll talk to them about it.

What I would be doing, would be earning some kind of a degree (perhaps pre-reqs for nursing, perhaps psychology) while taking ROTC (reserve officer training corps.) I would then after 2-4 years of ROTC training go to basic, and then AIT training. I would then become a liutenant in the U.S. army reserves. From that point I could make a career out of it, or I could end after my contract and go into nursing or whatever occupation my degree would get me. The pay is very nice considering I could almost get a free ride through college. The discipline is very welcomed. I love the fact that I would have a secure job. There are lots of benefits. It’s also very flexible which would allow me to continue in all the ministry work I wanted to do. I’m really really liking this idea.

Yesterday morning I had read a post about a woman who didn’t have a job for a long period of time, but still remained faithful to God, that He would provide for her. And He did. It was SOOO encouraging, because this woman was so confused as to why God would let that happen when she really did NEED a job. I have been in the same situation. I was so confused. I had told my friend Laura the other day that I felt God was changing His mind or something, and was worried I did something wrong. Because I cannot go and do the things He has called me to without a college education, and I cannot get that without money – which I have none of, and must pay for college myself.I couldn’t find a job. I literally applied to over 50 locations of tons of different local businesses over the past 4 months. Nothing. I was feeling discouraged, but knew I couldn’t give up. I prayed, and waited.

It hit me while I was looking at the many links about the army reserves. THAT was my way. THAT was the door God was opening for me to get through college and survive. It’s been there all along, I just wasn’t looking in the right direction. But here I have it. A way.

I’ve told everyone, I feel like I’m sliding on a tile floor in brand new socks. I do. I feel like I can finally rest in the knowledge that I CAN get through it. There is physical evidence that God PROVIDES.

I’ve seen this before in my family, but never for me alone. I am SO BLESSED.

Trust in the Lord and do good; so you will live in the land, and enjoy security. Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for him. -Psalm 37:3-5