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Well, good morning WP!

I awoke to the ground covered in 6 inches of fluffy sparkling snow. It finally stopped snowing late last night, and has now left our city in an echoing silence of white. I adore snow. It’s enchanting as each snowflake is different than the next. It is astonishing to know that God created such a complex and beautiful thing that so many people take for granted. If I were 8 years younger I would be flying out the door by now in my warm clothes that mom would say “AREN’T WARM ENOUGH!”, which I would ignore for as long as I could as I pelted siblings and objects with the fluffy white weapon that was scattered all over the ground just waiting to be molded into soft grenades, that stung upon being directly hit. But see, that’s the problem…

There is one thing that I do not like about snow. It’s COLD.

You’re thinking “Duh Bailey…” Yes yes yes we all know it’s cold. But you see, it’s REALLY cold. Here in Indiana the temperature might change from day to day in an instant but a LOT. So lets say you know its going to snow…Sometimes it snows and you can fly out there, pick up the stuff and smash it in someones face without it being just ridiculously painful. However sometimes you can go out there when it’s seemingly not that cold, and there’s a deadly breeze skipping across that lovely white blanket that rips your ears and stings your face! Winter has a love/hate relationship with humanity.

Well Because of winter (and the fact that mom and dad haven’t gotten around to winterizing the windows with plastic) I am stuck absolutely FREEZING at my computer. For you see, I’m right next to a window large enough to be a patio door that is not air tight. I get that lovely ear ripping breeze coming through the window and blowing all over me! So I have resorted to sweaters, thick socks, and fingerless gloves so I can still type.

I’m also planning to make myself some slippers later. The house is just TOO COLD, despite how high we might turn up the heat.

Well, I’m off to continue through the day. I will post more if I can, but like I said, it’s COLD over here. lol