Yesterday I helped run the second round of auditions for the play “Grace Beyond Humanity” that I am co-directing.

Seeing the actors coming in and giving their dry script readings really reminded me of how much I love acting. Since BreakDown (my drama team) has taken a different turn I am no longer acting, and while that saddened me, it was nice to take a step in the directors shoes with Grace Beyond Humanity. But I still love acting. To my heart I am a performer, and I was SO inspired by one lady in particular that stunned us.

I remember spending countless days over a script. Perfecting it, analyzing it, and preparing myself emotionally to play the part the best I could. The fact of the matter is, that I’m out of touch with it. I used to be able to make myself cry in a moments notice, but anymore I’ve gotten out of practice and it’s harder to control my emotions like I once could. I miss acting, so much.

In college, I’ll need to make it a point to study acting in one way or another, and make sure I’m performing at least in little things. It’s such a joy to make people laugh, or cry, or cheer on your character as you go from scene to scene, with something to say.

Luckily, there is a little role in the play that I am going to do just because we couldn’t find anyone that was funny enough to play it. So, at least I’ll have a little something to do. I do dearly miss it. I need to make more time for it.