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So thanks to my amazing friend Laura, I’m addicted to country.

Specifically Dierks Bentley. 😉

I love listening to it and daydreaming about all the cool things I wanna do in this life. Somehow it makes life just seem easier even in the depressing songs. I have no idea how or why…but that’s what it does for me. lol

I’m still exploring my country rock love, but so far all I know I adore is Dierks and Keith Urban. I have lots of looking left to do, so we’ll see what other artists I find. I’m plannin’ to get a nice collection of country and blast it from my truck (that I don’t have yet, but will someday) and drive down dusty roads singing along to the music with my best friend in the seat next to me and someplace cool to go.

Well, I’m off to youtube to find some more amazing music…

7 months till college comes…I’m going to have a good bunch of music for when I go!