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Ever since the idea of the army reserves came into mind, I have been gathering questions to ask the recruiter and some of the people I know that have been in the military.

Here are some of the questions I have so far, that I am wondering about:

  • Can I live in any state i choose after AIT training?
  • If I hypothetically married another person in the army reserves, would we be separated when stationed at a base?
  • After attending basic training and AIT for the Army Reserves, will I be stationed at one base in particular?
  • What would I do when not serving? Am I on call or working full time, as a second lieutenant?
  • Do reserves soldiers get housing?
  • Can I choose which location I move to for basic training?
  • What would having a career as a military police officer consist of?
  • Which option is best for me: Army Active Duty, Army Reserve or ROTC?
  • What really goes on in Basic Combat Training?
  • What kind of condition do you have to be in at the start?
  • Can two friends go through Basic at the same time?
  • Can an entrant choose the military job he/she wants? How is the job assignment made?
  • Can you describe a couple of jobs? I want to understand what people actually do in the Army, specifically jobs for women, as most are closed.
  • What kind of training comes after Basic?
  • What are your tuition support programs? How does an entrant qualify for them?
  • Somewhere on the goarmy.com site it said that ROTC students can go part time in the reserves of national guard. What is the difference?

This list, of course, is only the beginning. lol I’m sure I’ll have tons more questions as I keep thinking. But for anyone out there that might google and find this post…you might add these questions to your own list.

I’m going to try to meet with a recruiter this month, but we’ll see what happens.  Once I get my questions answered, I post them!