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A lot of people (on wordpress, and off) have asked me why God would want me in the military.

Excellent question.

I imagine the reason most people ask is because being in the military seems a hostile occupation, as one is trained to kill, and conquer enemies. It is true that a soldier is trained to use weapons and even physical combat to kill or subdue his enemies. But what are the individual soldiers doing with that training? Because I think the training in and of itself is not wrong. Are karate or judo classes unGodly, or hostile in nature? No. This is an obvious one.

But then again, is it? I mean after all, what if a criminal learned judo or karate and then used it against those who were trying to stop him in doing terrible things? Should it be allowed? This is a silly argument.

If you look in the bible at one of my favorite books, you’ll find that Joshua does more than just fight in a biblical battle. The man conquered 31 kings in Gods name. 31 KINGS!!!! Heck, there may be more, I’m only have way through reading the book of Joshua. This man slaughtered whole cities, men and women, in obedience to the Lord. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Good grief…he didn’t have to kill the women too. Why couldn’t they have just taken the city and at least kept them alive?? What in heck was God thinking?!?!?!”

I’ve asked myself this question as well, and now I know the answer.

Lets take for example Jericho. God said to destroy the entire city, and Joshua did so. Men and women, young and old died. Is God crazy? Is God hateful and violent? No, He is not. God not only promised that land to Israel, but those in the land were vicious idol worshipers that wanted to conquer Israel. Those who died in all the cities that Joshua’s army killed, were not killed for selfish reasons or out of hate from God.

Remember when the Israelites were brought out of Egypt? God had to threaten Pharoh. He gave him chance after chance to let the people go. He finally did, but then chased after the Israelites, and God killed the Egyptians. This dude knew exactly what he was doing. There was a freaking pillar of FIRE standing between them. Come on…it’s obvious that was God, not to mention all the plagues. How do we know that God did not do something similar in all the cities that Joshua took? I believe without doubt that He did.

God loves all people. Even those in the cities that were sinful and destructive, that the Israelites destroyed. God gives chance after chance to all people, and I cannot say that He did not give these 31 kings and their cities any chances, because I know He did. Joshua and His army were serving also as an entity of punishment.

But back to the point of this post.

If the Lord commanded Joshua to do all of those things, horrible as they seemed, there IS a purpose- and a noble one. When there are soldiers in the army, shooting people who are trying to harm them (because we DO enter peacefuly)  are we suppoed to play Budda and just allow them to shoot us because we would rather ourselves die than them? God says to think of others first, but the fact of the matter is that overseas there are dangers awaiting us, that will soon come to our country if we do not take a stand. If someone tries to hurt you, you stand up for yourself and you fight back. We as a country have done the same thing. Though killing is ugly, and war is dark, we did not start it…but we will finish it. Just as Joshua did. And just like Joshua the Lord will use every soldier for something good. Even perhaps, as an entity of punishment on a nation that has denied Him.

Is it wrong for me to join the military simply because it involves fighting, and killing, and conquering those other countries? I do not believe so.

Is our government corrupt and is serving under that government standing up for their beliefs or policies? I think the government is corrupt. But is fighting for my country that stands for freedom agreeing with the leadership of this Nation? No.

This is a section of the Soldiers Oath. An oath that I will take, and will hold to:

“”I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic

I don’t have to agree with Obama to fight for my country. By enlisting, I can stand for what America should be. I can protect my country and those who love and dislike it. I will protect the enemy, unless I am forced to use aggressive action. Because America was founded on freedom, freedom for all- not just for those that happen to get in legally. As a true American, I hope and pray for the freedom of those in Iraq just as much as I do for those in my own country. The shooting starts when they shoot first. Not the other way around.

So do I think that God is asking me to do this? Yes.  God uses everyone, and everything for His glory and the good of His people- even a corrupt government. God also uses the smallest of people to make a difference- one soldier can make that difference, and I intend to.