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So there has recently been a lot of people on my facebook friends list that has just entered back or into for the first time, a relationship. It’s so exciting to see people find the person they will spend forever with, but as we all know with that discovery comes a lot of risk.

Back when me and my ex were dating we were all over facebook (and myspace- back when it was cool), with pictures, and statuses, blah blah blah. It was pretty ridiculous. Especially because when he broke up with me, I not only had to pick up the pieces of my heart but also what was left scattered across the internet. Needless to say, the finale changing of a “relationship status” on facebook is the hardest thing to do. Why? Because everyone could see it.

I have since wondered if perhaps when God led me to someone else, if I would even announce it to facebook with a relationship status. Quite honestly, I think I wont. I think it’s sharing too much and making the relationship into something it’s not. At least is what I have come to believe since my experience. I imagine if ones relationship went well, it wouldn’t matter if it was on facebook or not…but there is something about a romantic relationship that is private, and secretive in that if there are problems, or you break up- I just think it shouldn’t be available to the world to find out. It opens people up to looking at each member in the relationship in a bad way. That’s not to say that is always the case, but lets face it- girls hate on the ex boyfriend and guys hate on the ex girlfriend- usually.

I just wonder if it’s really the best idea to let all of facebook know. I’m sure it goes down to personal preference…and I’m sure it keeps both members of the relationship unavailable to other people…but still, I wonder.

Perhaps when God leads me into my next relationship I’ll find a better reason to show my status as “in a relationship”. Perhaps even without the link at the bottom telling the world with whom. It’s a tricky thing, as I’ve heard many others have hated to have to finally at the end of the day, change it with one eye open hoping the cyber world won’t explode all over them afterwords.

Social networking opens up a whole new world of social issues and etiquette…