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I guess this means I’m crazy?

You’ve heard if before… your desk, your house, your laundry room, your kitchen, your drawers IN the kitchen…all seem to somehow reflect our brains. Why? Because what goes in, must come out- Yeah, in the form of tornado aftermath.

I’m going to be upfront with you… I’m worried. My desk is a wreck and I can NEVER keep it clean. Somehow things just seem to migrate back on it and remain there seemingly unnoticed by myself as I cram things aside (carefully so they don’t fall off the desk) just so I can move my mouse! It’s crazy, and needless to say, embarrassing. But I’m at a loss…what am I to do with all this stuff, and how am I to keep it organized? Currently I’m not very confined to a small space, but when college comes around…oh boy.

So I am set on discovering ways to be organized BEFORE I cram my living space into the match box that is a dorm.  But before I get to that, I’ll level with you…(not really…I’m sure yours is cleaner than mine lol) Lets just take a look at what my desk looks like right now:

Gosh… okay…LET ME EXPLAIN! the water bottle I was going to re-use, the deodorant…honestly I have no idea why that’s there… The endless hair products…well that’s just because I need someplace to set them…my hands were full…

Yes, that pen SHOULD go in the little cup I took time to spray paint that you see above, just FOR pens….I just forgot to put it in there when I was done using it….The scissors…well I was crocheting at my desk and forgot to put them away… =\

This is…yeah… I blacked out the titles on the binders because they are the titles to my books I’m writing… and the stuff on top of it? 2 beanies, a box of eyeliners, the LCU information I got in the mail, a movie I wanted my friend Laura to see, a scarf, and a hair magazine….I know…I’m pathetic.

Yes…Yes I paint my nails at my desk………So what?! O.O

Well, this is the wall, NEXT to my desk. Most of which you see here is notes for my book…the rest is to-do lists………….I love post-it notes….cant you tell?

A birds eye view on the havoc that is my desk.

I know this is pretty stupid… but you gotta admit… at least I’m being honest! I’m really not helping myself…lol

Point of this blog, is don’t be like me. I have a lot to work on, and I can only imagine how crazy dorm life will be for me. Normally I’m OCD about being clean, but currently I have no place to put these things as my bedroom is being built and I’m sleeping in a different room that is not mine. SO! with that said, I have no real place for my things. Either way though, the abundance of post-its, paper, useless junk tends to put a perspective on my brain I should be paying attention to. I’m organized in everything but my living space…I gotta fix that.

But hey, I’ve heard messy desks mean you’re really creative!!!

Yeah…still not helping myself.