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I’ve been listening to music more. For some reason as the winter dies down and warmer weather is coming I feel more inspired to listen to music and use it to inspire me.

Recently I’ve fallen back in love with Jon Mclaughlin. I love his voice, and his lyrics are so deep felt. I got curious and decided to research him a bit, because he started out just a kid from Indiana with a desire to do something- a lot like me.

It turns out Mr. Mclaughlin went to Anderson University- a school I have been to 3 times for a retreat called CIY (ciy.com) that I go to every year. With it being a Christian college, I looked further, and he’s a believer. This may sound strange but I got teary eyed when I discovered this. Why?

Because he see’s himself in the most humble manner, as I try my best to do (I don’t always succeed) and still he is where he is. The fact that a kid going to Anderson University playing with his youth group and then getting 2 albums out- it’s just amazing. It’s proof that even the Christian dorks that have talent can succeed. Now me, I don’t have talent that I know of yet. I’ve always wanted to sing and I’ll try that someday when I can afford lessons…but until I try that it’s just a dream.

But the thought that it was at one time a dream for Mr. Mclaughlin gives me a little hope that even the smallest people from the smallest places can do great things. A David, if you will.

Just thought I would post about this. It really encouraged me. 🙂