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Last night I was doing my normal computer routine of talking to friends, writing random poems, and listening to music while keeping up with the weird happenings on facebook. All of a sudden the song “strong tower” got stuck in my head. (You can listen to it here) I’ve always loved this song. It’s second to my favorite worship song (the other being “marvelous light”). I haven’t heard this song in FOREVER, so it was odd that it popped in my head. Then I realized what it was. Lately (Praise Jesus) I have been reading my bible more and really loving it. I’m taking the time to journal and to really understand the deeper meaning in what God is telling me.

I was reading through proverbs and found this verse:

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. – proverbs 18:10

(It’s funny…as I just looked that up the bible verse of the day from biblegateway.com is  ““But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.”- Psalm 59:16” – A lesson God has been teaching me lately).

As I remembered that verse (it being a favorite of mine) I suddenly got a strange thought. “Strong Tower Christian Church”…yeah, there is no such thing as far as I was aware. But I thought that it would be amazing for a church to be founded on the concept that God (and the church He dwells in) is a strong tower, and a shelter for those in need.

Gosh. This brings other thoughts to my head I wasn’t even thinking of 2 minutes ago. Okay- As I have mentioned before I am co-directing a play called “Grace Beyond Humanity”- it’s a play about forgiveness. In the play our main character David has gone to prison for 19 years because he killed his wife. The entire play is around the message that even MURDERERS can be forgiven completely and washed clean by God. I have been reading in my bible the book of Joshua. It mentions in the land that God promised Joshua and his people, that they are to build up “cities of refuge” (this is also mentioned in 2 other books of the bible – Numbers and 1 Chronicles). A city of refuge was a city that anyone who had killed unintentionally could run to and not be killed by the “Avenger of Blood” the nearest male relative to the man or woman that was killed. The man who killed unintentionally could run to the city and remain there until the priest who was in charge (forgive my poor terminology) died.

Now you’re thinking “okay, so what?” but bear with me.

God has given me the vision of creating a BreakDown team (breakdownunited.com) in Texas asap… I have always longed to not only create a BreakDown team, but to also create a place within it that those who are broken and have sinned can come and find rest. Perhaps a church, or maybe even just a ministry where we can give people second chances, extend love, and show them peace that surpasses all understanding. I wanted to do this specifically with teens and young adults. Perhaps BreakDown is just the face of that.

When the Lord put “Strong Tower Christian Church” to my mind, that vision of providing a safe place for these people immediately clicked. Okay sooooo am I supposed to then FIND “Strong Tower Christian Church” or CREATE “Strong Tower Christian Church”? Perhaps both.

I did some researching, and there is a “Strong Tower Christian Church” in Lubbock Texas (the city I hope to go to for college, and start a BreakDown revolution in). I have saved the information, and plan to pay this teeny tiny church a visit as soon as I am down there. Perhaps they will BE the strong tower, or they will SUPPORT the strong tower. Either way, I think this is a little bit of MUCH needed and prayed for affirmation and clarity. I don’t know what to really do with all of this, but I know this is something God did, because I seriously never made the connection and certainly didn’t think this could actually be within reach. So, random…yes, but cool right? I’m not sure what is in store with all of this but we shall soon see!