I’d like to talk about today, and what happened…because honestly it was a strange day.

1. I, for the first time ever, slipped my leg out of my hip bone…you’re thinking “GOOD HEAVEN IN HELL, WHAT IN THE WORLD?!”…well it’s not that dramatic. I have “hypermobile” joints…which means that the socket my joints are in are much larger than the actual ball of the bone, so they’re loose. I can “jump rope” (not literally “jump”) with my arms. Meaning I can can grab my wrists and bring my arms up all the way around my body without letting go. Sometimes this is painful for me, because if they slip in a weird way they pinch nerves or hit things and yeah..ouch. I knew my hips were like that because they pop like my shoulders do…But I’ve never felt it slip. Today I did….EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I choreographed an entire dance for 6 people to a song. Yeah, I am NOT a dancer. I’ve always wanted to dance ever since I was little, but we couldn’t afford lessons. Being in BreakDown, I have learned a bit here and there and even (very badly) performed a dance once. However I have had no training and I suck at it. My lovely dancer friends are so nice to not insult me for still wanting to after I suck as much as I do. lol (Thank you Laura) but still, in my daydreaming of a future BreakDown team I got to thinking a bit too much and choreographed a rather (at leas to me) complicated dance. yep…random.

3. I began writing down a list of things I’ll need for college thanks to a great vid I watched on youtube from allthatglitters21 about her college bag and what she used to keep organized. It was so helpful i wrote things down and made a nice little list of things to get =]

4. My dad brought home fancy coffee creamer. Yeah, you’re thinking “uuhhhhhhhhhh”…no really. Usually we buy the cheap powder stuff, and its like a BIG DEAL if we get the liquid kind cause its pricey… well he bought it. French vanilla…Randomly…IT WAS AWESOME! =D (usually we say coffee with the powder creamer tastes like cardboard…then again we DO buy generic)

5. I oddly enough did not ruin my desk and orderliness. o.0 Check that out. I was afraid I would clutter it just like it used to be by tonight, and now all that remains is some nail polish (just did my nails) and my notebook! WOOHOO! (both of which will be removed tonight before bed).

6. It snowed like CRAZY!!!!!!! It’s actually like a “big deal”. Everything is closed because we’re expecting 8 inches o.o Yeah… If I dont post tomorrow it’s because I died.

7. I fell in love, (again) with highlighters. ^_^

8. Posted a ridiculous post about ridiculous things I did today…

Yep. That’s it…back to life I go.