So last night I had a dream that I found a really cute kitten and I wanted to keep it. I went to pick it up, and got real close to it, and it viciously hissed and scratched my wrist VERY deep. I was bleeding  and in pain. Totally shocked that that sweet little kitten could hurt me so much. And I was shocked that I had trusted that it would be nice, simply because of the way it appeared.

As I have mentioned before, I love dreaming and analyzing my dreams. I tend to dream a lot and they are almost always something reflective of my thoughts or showinging me things I’m not aware of in a specific situation in my life.

This dream was reflective and explanatory of something I’m currently experiencing. Without going into too much detail it has to do with a friend that I’m currently working things out with. It’s kind of funny because I’m just now having this dream after things are finally starting to get better and be worked out. But still, I found it interesting because it was so symbolic. Basically my friend appeared to be a bit different than they were and as a result I was hurt by it. Just as the kitten appeared to be sweet and nice and it turned out to be angry and scratched me.

Dreams are really interesting things. They dust off the thoughts that we like to store way in the back of our minds so as to forget they are there. I’m going to start posting about my dreams more often, as I think it is really explanatory of things in my life and my constant journey towards God.