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I must admit. I do spend hours and hours searching the internet for that PERFECT wedding dress. When will I get married??? I have no idea. But! I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT! ^_^

I have files upon files and folders upon folders of wedding pictures and things I want at my wedding. Everything from cupcakes to and tableclothes to tiaras and dresses. OH the dress.

I recently found my dress. Well, at least the designer who makes it. Yes, a designer wedding dress is probably far beyond my reach…but it’s my dress!!!! Just as I imagined it. So even though its pretty stinkin expensive, I’m going to find a way to get it!!!!

This all got me to thinking… how fun it is to wear dresses and be pretty! I have a few dresses in my closet that I’ve bought here and there and never wore…but I think this summer I’m going to wear them. It’s a girl thing. You start looking at dresses and weddings and suddenly you just want to dive into your makeup and clothes and doll up. I feel like that right now. Although I’m sitting here at 1 in the afternoon still in my pajama pants and t-shirt with a wreck of hair and smeared makeup from yesterday, I still feel pretty as can be imagining my wedding day and the dress I hope to wear ^_^

I have no idea why I’m posting this. I’m just SO stoked to have found my wedding dress!!!! Why am I not spilling the beans and showing it? I have my reasons =] Specifically because one of a girls worst nightmares is to have the same wedding dress as one of her friends O.O Big “no-no”. So I shall keep it a secret for now!!! =D