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So ever since I saw a video by the username “Nerimon” also known as Alex Day, I was VASTLY inspired to make my on youtube channel and do my own videos about whatever I happen to be wanting to talk about that no one in my own immediate life would want to listen to. So I got to thinking about it and tried to do some of these videos on my cheap finepix fujifilm camera that is worth crap and cant take a video without skipping and being ridiculously pixilated. So, my dreams of having a youtube channel came to a crashing hault, as I dont have a job (and cant find one) so I have no way to buy a nice camera. Thus is why (partly) I blog.

However recently  I was offered a job that will end up paying me $250, which I think might be able to land me a decent video camera (or at least start me out on saving for one). Thing is, I have no idea where on earth to buy one and what camera to buy!’ll have to start looking for one so that I dont rush into buying something that I’ll end up regretting later. What I want to do is make videos that have a decent sound quality and decent detail. Nothing too fancy, but definitely something that’s worth my time and money. But my goodness…if you don’t have a good grip on the whole tech world, as I am finding you can really land yourself into some trouble.

Right now I’m looking at the SC-MX20 samsung camera. If anyone happens to read this and knows anything about camcorders, let me know what you suggest!!!