The world seems so much better, when we’re not focused on ourselves.

I am a terribly selfish person. So much so that it’s caused me to hurt someone very dear to me. All because I’m selfish, and make outbursts at people in my own insecurity.

There is a lot I need to fix in myself. Really, fixing it is easy. I just have to look at other people, and stop thinking about how I feel all the time, and how I see things. Because I have been put on this earth to love not myself, but others. I can’t love them if I’m not seeing them, and looking out for them before myself.

I just pray that God will help me with this. Because I’m a very very selfish person. Though I want to love I dont always show it…and it’s cost me a great deal.

Lesson learned.

See what most people don’t. See OTHERS before yourself.