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I haven’t been posting in a long while.

It’s not as though there are tons of people reading my blog, but either way there are a couple that do, so to those people- yeah…it’s been a while.

Writing has just taken its place on the back burner for a while. The past month has been ridiculously difficult to get through. My stress level right now is through the roof and there is so much I’m doing that it completely diverts my focus from blogging or writing period.

Hopefully in the days to come I’ll post more but I’m pretty much waiting until the first week of april when this play will be over and I can breathe a little.  Until then, God is definitely teaching me patience, and perseverance.

Needless to say, I’m eager for summer to get here. Thankfully though, spring has arrived and I can relax from the constant chill of winter. Praise Jesus for renewal! So, until I can next post; God bless, and thank you to whomever might read this.