This post had no title simply because it has no real subject.

I’m writing this with a heavy and burdened heart. I want so desperately to know that my decision to go to Texas is a good one. I want to know that it is God. I have prayed and God has sid yes so many times. In my most doubtful of places. the places when i was only steps away from wakling over to my mother and teling her that I had changed my mind… In those times I know what He wants me to do… but here I am again. In that same place. Praying to God that if I am messing up that He’ll hold me. Praying that it IS His will, and im not just telling God what I want.

I’m so scared.

I’m terrified.

I just need someone to be encouraged for me… because right now, im in despair over it. Despair does not come from God… but still it is here. my human heart is failing.

I just wish God would come down and do it with me.