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Lately someone special has been on my mind. After reading coincidental blogs about praying for your husband, reading captivating, and looking back on past relationships, I’ve just been thinking about my future husband more than usual. 

 I’m getting to a point where I would really enjoy things to be moving in that direction. Im falling in love with the concept of being a mother. I desire being a home-maker while pursuing my own career. I long to support my husband in every way possible. Everything from laundry and house cleaning to emotional support and affirmation. I long to discover more of God with him. I miss him.

I know that if any married women read this they’ll either laugh at my immature and blissful desires thinking I know nothing of what I want to get myself into, or they’ll think I’m absolutely ridiculous and comment with “that’s what I thought when I was your age.”

Really I know that there are many aspects to marriage that are difficult. It’s one of the biggest challenges in life. But I want it. I desire that challenge. For some reason God has instilled such a passionate want for serving and living in that capacity. For being a life long companion to someone I love with all my being, as he represents God to me, and I to him, each in our own way.

I need to be praying for him nore. I need to be seeking God’s direction in finding him. Or rather, allowing him to find me. The very thought of the day when I swear myself to him for life just thrills me ^.^   I wait for that day patiently, and anxiously.