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So I’m going to be counting down the days until my official move in day to college in West Texas. Currently there is 155 days until I go. It’s a big number, but just a blink of an eye for me.

There is so much to do and so much to see before I go. I have 2 trips coming up this summer before college- so the months to come are going to be pretty hectic to say the very least. One will be mountain climbing and then CIY. The other will be a south carolina trip as a babysitter.

I will attempt to blog every day until then. Except the days in which I’m not even home . I will also be counting down on my twitter account- xtremities.

It’s now spring time and the winter weather is long gone. Just two seasons left to go and then I’m starting life somewhere else…it’s hard to believe that all of this is finally starting to come into play. It’s just crazy that it’s now my turn to go out into the world and do something to make it better. It’s exciting, its scary- but its amazing all the same.

155 days to go.