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I was thinking today about how much my little brother (who is now 7) loves spiderman. He went through a 3 year long phase (until he grew too tall) where he wore his spiderman costume EVERYWHERE- which was usually accompanied by a lightsaber stuck in the opening of the costume in the back, (and his underwear o.o).

He’s seen all the movies a hundred times, watched the cartoons, played the video games. And he has countless toys all pertaining to spiderman cluttering that tornado wreck he calls his room. When he was really little we would tell him to eat his greenbeans and broccoli because if he did he would grow strong like spiderman. It worked for a while, but eventually he caught on.

What I find odd though, is the role of a father when it comes to such amazing and perfect super hero’s.  Every dad wants to be the role model for their son- but how can he compete with strong and brilliant super heros that can climb walls, save everyone and always triumph because good always wins? I wonder how much pressure we are putting on fathers when we create such unrealistic images for their sons to idolize…

As God is our Father, men have a special job of portraying the image of fatherhood to the world by being good to their children and good to their wife. But again- what are we saying to them when from age 3 boys already know every line to a starwars movie and start lifting their hands in front of  their toys (or siblings) thinking that the “force is with them” and they can be a jedi? Because really- the REAL heros out there are the men and women who can fight against all evil in the world just by living their life for God. The real heros are the mothers that nurture their children and affirm their husband by providing, working, loving, caring, praying. The real heros are the men that stand by their wife, leading the family and giving strength. Providing against all odds- fighting temptation- being a witness. And there is so much more.

So I wonder- maybe we should as women when we are mothers, encourage our sons to look toward their father as the hero that he is, instead of spiderman and every other fictional “super hero”. Maybe we should set the pace for our husbands to know and feel that their sons love them, and respect the enormous sacrifices that they make for their families every day. I think men need that…I think they need to understand just how amazing they are when they get through the everyday things.

There aren’t sith lords or green goblins out there- but there is satan, and this is a very imperfect and dark world. Praise God for the men that choose to fight against it. Someday I hope to find such a hero.