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Well everyone, it seems as though we have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to equal rights! We will now all have the exact same healthcare! Don’t bother with going to med school thinking you can climb the ranks and reach a higher paying salary. The brain surgeons will now be paid the same as pediatricians! So I wouldn’t stress about choosing something too complicated unless you really want to. Oh, and we’re also not going to have to worry about people getting the medical care they need! I mean think about it, with us adults paying as much as the government would like for healthcare, it will all help go towards the treatments of whomever the government deems worthy of immediate care. Sure it might not be you and me that are chosen for said TLC, but we trust our government to make the right choices. After all, thats why this reform passed, right? To make everyone equal and have equal chances?

Take a look at all the illegal immigrants. They’re going to get free healthcare (yeah, because YOU are going to have to pay it for them). That’s equal rights! And I guess it should be our responsibility then to pay for those who don’t have jobs to pay for it themselves. I guess the fact that they came here illegally means that we owe them a good deal. After all, our kids are learning a new language! We should thank them! What better way to experience another culture- let the culture overtake America! I think that it would be wonderful to have those in Mexico who cannot afford to live, come to America- but nothing good comes from lying or cheating- and that is exactly what they’re doing. They have not earned the healthcare that us Americans now have to pay. And because of this lovely reform bill, us Americans (and mexicans alike) will all probably die a lot younger because once we hit that lovely age that the government sees as “too old” we simply will not qualify for the healthcare we need. What happened to the freedom to choose? What happened to Liberty? Slowly, it is being replaced by socialism.

What is the agenda behind this? Why would our beautiful country be turned upsidedown by people who were put in office to serve and protect us, the American people? Well simply because they want what they want. Those in office cannot see what life is like living as the typical American. For just once I would like to see Obama take a step into the world of a young adult- where college seems impossible because of money, where pre-existing health concerns are now at the forefront of our minds. Where our families are in need of money, jobs are impossible to find (thank you illegal immigrants), and the patriotism for our country is quickly dissipating. Maybe they would understand if they really, and I mean REALLY looked at it from the perspective that will see no special treatment because we control the monopoly. Beceause yes, if Obama got cancer at 60 he would take priority before the 4 year old at Riley Hospital.

Not only that, but the government will now be able to take money directly out of our bank accounts to make the payments that the government set the rates for. There is now no choice between making a payment and feeding your children when your husband has just lost his job and the kids are hungry because you’re on your last box of macaroni and cheese. We now don’t have control over our money, our healthcare, or our freedom. I dont know about you, but Canada is starting to look real nice. Sure their medical care may be similar to ours now, but at least they’re not looking to change anything else. You can bet anything this isn’t the last of the governments stupid decisions. And that fellow Americans, is the scary part. What more can they possibly do to the American people? Quite a lot in fact. Think about it, when a new flu comes out, who will get the vaccines? They control that. What about which vaccines you do and dont want? Soon they could be able to control that as well. Perhaps then for those of us that don’t even believe it’s healthy for certain treatments will be given no choice because of the “health risk” and that perhaps we wont be given priority if we do not comply with their perscriptions or treatments.

Speaking of those who do not agree with all types of treatment, those in the Amish community who use homopathic doctors will no longer be able to remain without covereage. They will have to now make enough money to not only keep their farms going, but also to pay  for health care that they will more than likely not be given priority with (as it will probably be for most Americans).

In 2012 when we all have the chance to vote again- lets all not forget who we really voted in. I really had high hopes that Obama would change the country, and the world for the better. Being the first black president he had such an oppportunity to help change the racial issues still in America. He could have reached out to the minority groups, trying to focus on crime and domestic abuse- all issues that have risen in statistics since the minority numbers have risen with illegal immigrants- all issues that those in office don’t seem to notice, simply because they never see it. Or rather, they choose not to see it. We did not vote Mr. Obama in to office to manipulate our health care, or bend the situation into his favor. How do we know he won’t grant amnesty to every illegal immigrant so as to gain their votes? Obama clearly has an agenda more self-serving than serving his country for the betterment of the American people. Clearly, freedom and equality is not as important to him as we thought it was.