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So I wrote a book. Cool right? But now on top of everything that I’m doing already, I’m looking for someone to publish the darned thing.

Now-a-days, there is what are called “literary agents”…to be honest, before I started looking into publishing I had no idea such people even existed. I always thought that you would send your manuscript directly to the publisher and get accepted or rejected. Well now, you have to have a literary agent, even for small Christian publishing companies….which is RIDICULOUSLY hard to find. Why? Because there are SO many agencies out there that are not legitimate (and by the way, Holy Fire Publishing is a scam).

I’m having to worry about someone stealing my book and title, while at the same time trying to get this out there. My book is my real life story, and while I know people can’t very well steal that, it’s hard sending it to someone for them to read and maybe use or sell or whatever. I also wanted to have this done and on its way to publishing before college, but it’s looking like that wont happen. I don’t have the funds, or the time to spend on getting it self published (plus the idea just isn’t all that peachy to begin with).

Needless to say I am stressed out and at a loss as to what to do. I have sent many agencies and publishers query letters, and so perhaps they will contact me. But now it’s a waiting and research game- hoping that God would do something. I’m just worried this is just the first step in the staircase I’m going to trip all the way down. o.0….the writing is definitely not the hard part.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed”-proverbs 16:3

I know God will help me do this, because I have committed it to Him…now it’s just waiting for the doors to open.