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Sometimes we are placed in situations where we cannot back out, or hold onto something to steady us. Christians will always say, “be careful what you pray for”… Well, be careful… but pray without ceasing- it makes life all the more interesting.

Right now I am going in more directions than I can handle, and it’s not me, it’s God. I’ve completed my first book, and am working on two others. I am getting ideas for future ministry endeavors like crazy, and I’m making connections with people who have the same mission that I do. However, I am being attacked spiritually in a very unexpected way. My nightmares are more than I can handle, and without sleep, you can imagine how creative my brain isnt…

But I have to ask myself…When God asked Peter to step out onto the water with him…what was going through his mind? The Lord of all had asked him to do something…he had to obey. He stepped out in faith, and once he could see the waves, the fish swimming under him, the ripples making circles around his shaking legs….and he fell. “OH LORD!” He cried, terrified of his circumstances. Everything that Peter knew was telling him “you’ll die…you can’t make it”….But lucky for him, in his time of falling, the Lord was standing right beside him. “Oh you of little faith”, he thought disappointed.

Sometimes the Lord asks us to do something, knowing we will fall. When we were little, our mother or father let go so we could take our first step. We fell, many times…but we got back up because in falling, we learn how to stand.

Sometimes we are standing in the middle of the ocean without a chance of making it to shore, unless we look up and stand fearless because of His promise. What is tangible is meaningless…what we know and see is simply a distorted reflection. Sometimes God lets go, so we can learn to take a step and reach for His hand if we fall. Peter was afraid, and so he took control…but sometimes God is just waiting for us to let Him perform a miracle…

I’m stepping back, to let Him.