So recently I realized what my problem is….

I’m not having fun. In what you ask? Well, everything.  The reason everything is stressing me out so much is because I dont allow myself to enjoy it for the good parts, and I’m focusing on the bad. Therefore, I am taking action to turn this around!!!

I started a second blog. You can find it here: The College Girl

This blog was started mainly for my mother and sisters, as my mom requested I remember everything I’ve learned so I can pass the information on to her and my sisters for when they start college. And so, the journey begins. But….the catch is that this blog will NOT be created out of stress. Sure, ill talk about the stresses…but that will not be the focus. I’m going to work hard to make it as light-hearted as possible. Because lets face it, it’s all about perspective.

I am also hoping to start vlogging even with my little webcam. Hopefully that will be started up soon.

As for everything else, my perspective is taking a lighter tone as well. With my book, my art, my projects, friendships…all of it. I’m going to enjoy it if it kills me. Sounds weird, but yanno…you gotta do what you gotta do. As my pastor says; “Put on Joy.”

And so, I shall. 🙂