Lately I’ve thought a lot about the mistakes and struggles I’ve been through in my short life time so far. When I look at things realistically, it’s been a very long and hard 18 years. The struggles that I have been and put myself through, is nothing light.

For such a long time I wondered if all of these things really were as big of a deal as I felt them to be. Still, I struggle to claim turmoil, because there is so much more out there to experience and feel. I wonder if all of these things that I have been burdened with, really are valid.

Can I say with certainty that what I have gone through in my life, warrants such pain and anguish? I really can’t- all I know is that these things that I would call small compared to the other turmoils in the world, hurt me like the big ones.

Maybe it’s true that pain is in the eye of the beholder. After all, we all have different pain tolerances physically…perhaps the same is for the heart and spirit?

But perhaps also, it is a question I will wrestle with until the day I die…