In the movie cast away there is that famous scene at the end, where Tom Hanks is standing at the crossroads after seeing those wings painted on the back of this strange woman’s truck- deciding where to go.

Ever since seeing that movie for the first time, the woman in the pickup truck just captivated me. It seemed as though I knew her, and wanted to know her- it seemed as though that character spoke directly to me. She was part of who I was, and everything I ever wanted to be.

She was strong, happy…she was just living her life, when this man happened to come along. What defined her was a pair of wings- because she wanted to fly. she was a free spirit, and she helped a man figure out where to go- and that is exactly what I want to be. Just being me, doing what I do, trying to fly fearless, until someone comes along, and changes my world as much as I change theirs…without ever really trying. I want to show someone the world- and be that direction for that one person- that one man.

The amazing thing is… I think maybe, that’s exactly what I’m doing.