Yes yes. I know. I’m slacking by grouping days together- but I get so buys it’s so hard to find time!!!

But alright, lets see..What happened these last few days?


My official financial aid grant total is $9,050 a year!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! But! That certainly won’t cover my full tuition (around 64,000. yeah..ouch). So I now have the daunting task of sorting through all the information for student loans. Turns out, I was approved for several, and all I need to do is choose which one(s) I want to take out, and then give them all my information. The problem is, I don’t have a job yet. So I’m not quite sure how one goes about getting a loan without a job?

I still haven’t heard back from the jobs I applied for in Texas, so I’m getting nervous but claiming an income in Jesus’ name. I know He will provide me with the job I need. Hopefully I can find one right away and jump into it without having too much time lapsed. I REALLY want to pay all my bills on time, and maybe even ahead if I can so I’m not causing myself problems. So I know in that light God will provide me a way to pay all of them.

This next weekend is my trip to South Carolina, leaving me only 15 days until I leave. I have SO MUCH to get done before I go, and it’s crazy overwhelming! Not to mention the fact that I’m balancing funds around with only around $300 to my name to get this done. Yeah…sounds impossible doesn’t it? I think so too >.<

But, God will take care of it! (Yeah, I keep needing to remind myself).

There are now only 90 days until I move forever away. Just 9 sets of ten. 13 weeks. THAT’S IT! O_O