Today, I emailed Nikki Sixx. He probably will never read it, but I needed to thank him for a lot of things…maybe it will mean something. Maybe not.

Today, I cleaned a lot. Cleaning helps me think…and I like throwing old things away.

Today I started packing for my summer trip. And realized that when I got back, I’d be unpacking just to organize things, and pack it all up again for college…so soon.

Today, I realized how much I adore John de Lancie. He’s a great actor. Really.

Today, I wondered what I look like from another’s eyes. What are my mannerisms? I would get annoyed with myself I think.

Today, I worked out things with a dear friend. I have a lot to learn I think.

Today, I realized what my mom thinks of me…

Today, I wrote about the things that I did. I started a bit after 4, and now it is 4:35.

Today, was a difficult day, and it’s not over yet…but I’m here.

Tomorrow is around the corner- thank God for tomorrow.