I feel like i have no family. Even though my real family is here with me, and will be with me in spirit and through communication in Texas, I feel very alone. The groups of people I belonged to, I don’t see anymore because I’m busy with moving. And it’s sad, because I’ve invested so much into them and into the things I’ve done with them, and now time is pulling it away in that dreaded and welcomed entity called “change”.

I know I’m going to be starting my adult life, and that comes with so much opportunity and excitement…but in every transition there are growing pains. As my talents are honed in on, and my directions fixed, I understand that more and more. Hopefully I will end up where I wanted to. Hopefully I will accomplish all these things I feel the need to. It will all be worth it, if I can accomplish these things. I’ll need a few miracles for that. And I’m expecting them.

Saying goodbye to this chapter in my life hurts, but I have so much ahead of me… no time to cry about it. It’s time to take my turn, and change the world as a new person.