I’ve heard it before that men prefer girls that are like their mothers… but anymore, they cant because their mothers quite frankly suck.

Just recently I heard the mother of a boy a used to like 6 years ago in junior high, say that she didnt know one girl that would be good enough for her son. That statement wasn’t directed at me as an insult, but still, I took it that way. I always feel that I won’t be enough for everyone…and the concept of not being good enough for someone even in the opinion of others is really hard. Especially when I strive so hard to be exactly what my brothers and sisters in Christ are striving for too. Even in going for the same thing, I’m not enough. Not that I still like that guy, but, the thought of her not knowing even a single girl that was good enough, just shocked me. Does that then mean, that if men want women that are like their mothers, then they share in the harsh opinions their mothers have of young single girls. In my desperate efforts to become a woman of God, ready for my husband, I can’t help but face the earthly fear that I won’t be enough for him, or his family.

Oh, the pressures of being female.

I know, more than likely what my husbands mother thinks wont matter…but I just have this need to please by my being. I guess it’s a girl thing. I hope and pray for my future husbands family. I hope that me coming into their family will be a blessing, and them coming into mine will bless just as much. The odds are pretty slim in today’s world… but I’m praying for a change.