a fire,
that everyone stared at,
some were scared
and some didn’t care.

others were disappointed.

she was just too strong,
and much too weak,
her fire burned
and she was scarred.

so she shakes when he holds her,
so she hurts when he cant,
so she hates every man except him,
because they’ve all hurt her.

she misses her God,
that could calm down the flames.
that could rain down on her,
and make her new.

she just wants to know him.
More than she does…

because she’s far too much.
and she’s lonely.
and there’s so much to try to avoid.
and theres too many things that have to wait.
so she’s still lonely.

she carries the weight of her own, and her

the dark secrets and the pain.
the confusion and the blame.
it’s starting to make sense.
but its still always there.
so she’ll tattoo “fearless” on her arm.
and she’ll remember the unseen scars.

maybe she can burn to the ground,
doing something important.
and maybe she can light the world,
with her fire.
maybe she isnt volatile,
maybe she’s just hurt,
and maybe she wants to burn the darkness,
maybe she wants to see in the dark.

maybe she’s made of light.
that God gave her.
not perfect.
but not dead.

alive. fire burning.