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So today marks the end of the first week of school. This week has been ridiculous, and absolutely exhausting. One thing that I imagine every college student never thought of before entering college, is just how tiring walking from one end of campus to the other. After a a few days of scrambling your brain through all your classes, everything seems to wear you out. Well, at least it does for me. I’ve been working my best to get more sleep than I did last semester, but sometimes that effort leads to no avail. The classes I’m taking this semester are Genetics, History of Africa, Human Life-span Development, Algebra, Art, and Bible.

The classes I have aren’t necessarily too difficult for me, there’s just a lot of them. It seems I still haven’t gotten rid of my habit to bite off more than I can chew- hence taking 18 hours of school a semester.

I need to go and look over some of the biology from highschool just to brush up, but other than that I should do fine…I just wont have as much free time.  But that’s alright. As soon as summer comes I’m sure I will feel rather accomplished taking that many classes. My goal is to finish college in under 4 years so as to save on all the government loans that I’m going to have to pay back after graduation.

This semester will be interesting for sure. I’ve made a few more friends and hopefully I’ll be able to keep them. New friends are hard to keep around sometimes, especially when you’re busy with school. I still need a job, and  I still need to clean my room. But I’ll get to the room cleaning tomorrow 😉

more posts to come. I’m definitely going to try and write more!