The night you showed me God through the stars… no one had ever done that before, and I had been waiting for that exact moment for so long. I was breathless in that moment. Just as I am very time I think about it.

The night you tried to kiss me, and I didn’t let you… I had always wondered what would happen if I said no because I knew it wasn’t the right time. I loved being able to hold back and not be left because of it, but rather held closer.

The night we spent together till morning, freezing to death and probably catching a nasty cold… But it was close, it was intimate. It was trust. I love trusting completely, and being trusted.

Three nights that sent my heart into free-falling flight. I had never felt like that before. Never had I known such familiarity, and yet such difference.

I miss those nights. I wish there had been more. Truth be told, my heart isn’t the same without them.