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It troubles my heart to know that so many bad things are going on in the hearts of those whom I trusted to be my friends. People never take friendships seriously- they pick up people and drop them like nothing because its easy to, and because they’re looking for someone who will tell them what they wanna hear. The fact is that so many people are missing out and hurting others in the process. As well as the other individuals who go out of there way to harm others by breaking promises.

Recently a church member defiled my family in a way no human being ever as. On top of that I have had two friendships run into the ground finding out that they were never real friendship except for on my end. One way friendships suck, and it seems I’m prone to them.

I would just like to say, the people God has put in your life are there for a reason. Freaking suck it up, get over your stupid complexes, and love each other. Life is too short to spend it picking and choosing through people made after God.